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The pictures below are intended to be used just as an inspiration ideas so it is possible to see some small changes at patterns in order to make it more attractive as a design, or more production friendly.
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Did you see on the TV, on the street, in a storefront, at a party, in a catwalk show, or just you sketch a fabulous garment and you wish to have the pattern and to make your dream come true, please submit to us a picture, a video or a sketch and if is voted we can make the pattern for you at the shop.
Your suggestion, after will be approved,will be publish on this page and the visitors will vote for it.
One of the suggestion with more votes will go to our design department to proceed with the pattern making. Once is finish will be publish in our online shop.
The pictured submitted should be interesting in terms of pattern making or design, and to be a clear one for us to understand the design.

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