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"Party Period" DISCOUNT

  Every day for us it is a celebration. Almost every day we release a new pattern, and it is a hard work in our offices, like choosing and elaborate the right designs, choosing the right fabrics, make the patterns more production friendly, checking the fitting, triple way checking the pattern, doing the grading, checking the grading, convert the pattern in pdf and cad files, decide about the trimmings, discover the problems, and solve them before to proceed with stitching of the garments,so why to not celebrate?

  And every time when a pattern is publish,…it is party time. We are sociable and friendly and we like to invite you to celebrate with us for 24 hours the new pattern release. If you are a registered user, you will receive a email with a coupon and you can purchase with 5% discount the new pattern. The discount apply to all kind of file selected from the new released ”party period discount” pattern mention in the coupon.
   So….let’s party start !!!



  If you purchase more than 2 patterns in the same time (products on the same cart) you are entitled at a automatically discount starting from 5% till 10% according with the number of products selected, from the final amount.

  As an example if you purchase between 3 and 5 patterns you are entitled at a discount at 5% and for more than 5 patterns you get a discount at 10%. This is made automatically so you do not need to get any coupons.

Discount club membership. (Coming Soon)

50% off

  You love our patterns and you regular purchase more than 5 patterns / month from us. It is the time to become a membership in our club.
Discount club membership it is a monthly subscription service and you benefit from:
• 50% off all our new patterns released from the day of your subscription for 1 month time.
• Special promotions reserved for our members
• 2 free patterns what you can selected from our shop, in the moment of registration as a new member in the club.
• No commitments, you can cancel anytime.
The opportunity to test new patterns for free before publishing in our shop

  If you choose to remain a member of CADPatterns discount club, you’ll be billed automatically once a month on the date that you originally signed up.

  Don’t wait any longer to enjoy our essential and fashionable collections, our original patterns and creations as well as our minimum 25 new patterns every month at discounted prices all year round!

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