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The CadPatterns Story

Hello. Welcome to our web site. So glad you’re here. We’re Dorina & Cristian, the wife and husband founders of CadPatterns.

We’ve been working in the garment industry for pretty much our entire lives. We used to be in the production, technical management,production management, sample room design, merchandise, factory line, cutting room, packing area, quality control field, all related with the garment industry in few big company and factories. We realize in time, we are in love of patterns and design of garments.

The big chains are our clients. And we’ve learned a lot of things from them over the years.

For many years people wish to purchase professional patterns but unfortunately they can afforded so easy like the big factories. But now we find the solutions, making patterns affordable, professional and with the perfect fitting, opening CadPatterns.

The idea start 10 years ago and we did not thinking will take so long time to give life to our dream.

We face a lot of problems, starting from establish a universal body measurement chart, study about legislation and copyright, till finding a nice place where to work. Was very difficult to build a team with experience and the same passion like our for patterns and designs. But we did not give up and we done it. Now we have the best team.

We establish our offices in ”The Island of Love” (Cyprus), and our team now is made from pattern makers, graders, marker makers, seamstress, textile engineers, designers, 3D sample makers, (yep..a new kind of job) , from all over the world.

We like to be in trend with the new technology, not just because is new, because is more efficient and this help as to keep the same low prices at patterns, more accurate and more professional.

The 3D modules from our software deserve all the money. This will be the future. You can see the fitting of the garment before to stitch. You can see the final look before to order the fabric. We use 5 major CAD software in this moment. All the vendors say they have the best one, but because we start from year 1998 working with CAD, we know what module to use according with the work and style we develop and to get the best result, and we combine this software in the best way.

If you are just passionate about the garments, and you like to stitch at home, or you have a company and you want to start your own collection with our patterns, you are welcome to our shop or to contact us to develop new styles for you.

  We like to keep things simple using our experience and the latest technology in the garment industry.


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